Valentina De Luca is an Italian artist living and working in Berlin. Born in Campania, Italy, she graduated at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Napoli (Naples Academy of Fine Arts). Alongside her activity as an artist and illustrator, Valentina also works as an educator at an international child care center, which gives her the opportunity to get in touch with different cultures and stories every day, in a highly creative and sharing context. This experience turns out to be truly inspiring for the fairy tale, colorful and sweetly melancholy vein underlying her works. She regularly exhibits her works in Berlin as well as in Italy. To create her images she makes use of traditional instruments, such as pencils, Indian ink, watercolors, gouaches, textiles, and papers.

– July 2016: Qualification as Childhood Educator by SPI Stiftung , Berlin;

– October 2009: Specialized in Editorial Graphics at the Academy of Fine Arts of Naples .

– July 2006: Graduated in Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts of Rome;

Exhibitions and collaborations:

– Draw Session #3: “To have the blue devils” Bologna|Libreria Musicale Ut Orpheus|3 – 15 april 2017

– 30. September 2016 Die Lange Nacht der Illustration

– 5 December 2016: Kino Babylon illustration for Theater piece “Col cuore sulle labbra” with Zenobia Theater, Berlin;

– 26-28 June 2015: “48 Stunden Neukölln“, Exhibition “Meereskreaturen” for the Art Festival “48 Stunden-Neukölln”, Berlin;

– December 2014: Illustration for children´s book “Il Calendario dell´Avvento” of Veronica Pellicano, Publisher: Edicolors Genova;

– April 2013: Collective exhibition “Né vestita, né nuda, né in carrozza, né a cavallo at the Frauenhotel Artemisia in Berlin

– November 2012: Collaboration with Alessandro Corsini and Manuel Drexel as illustrator of an educational video for the Italian National Association UNASAM [National Union of Mental Health Associations].

– June 2011: Collective exhibition “Aria nuova” at the Società Dante Alighieri in Berlin.

– February 2011: Collective exhibition “Micro² | 2010” organized by Anna Epis and Aldo Torrebruno (Associazione Circuiti Dinamici-Milano) with a very small calcographic engraving (5cm x 5cm) as required in the call for applications;

– December 2010: Collective exhibition “Il rivelato e l’irrivelabile”, an exhibition of photograps and projects about the city of Santa Maria Capua Vetere, with a souvenir idea recalling the importance of the city from the historical and archaeological point of view.

– March 2010: Participation to “Ecocentrica”, the first Biennale della Sostenibilità in La Spezia.

– July 2008: Collective exhibition “Inside the Wall” with emerging artists from Campania region organized by Rosanna Moretti in the former slaughterhouse of Aversa.